Jimmy White Opens Worksop Showroom

Read Hyundai Worksop were delighted to welcome a true legend to their retail store this weekend. The snooker hero Jimmy “The Whirlwind” White was in town to help celebrate the opening of the brand new Hyundai showroom on Retford Road.

Read Hyundai took over the site back in January and has just completed a major overhaul of the showroom and all its facilities. Now complete, Jimmy was only too happy to be involved in the official opening for the smart new Hyundai showroom.

The snooker hero is already a loyal customer of Reads, having previously had cars supplied from one of the company’s other showrooms across the east coast region.

Considered by many to be the greatest natural talent snooker has ever seen. Fans from near and far showed up to meet Jimmy, who was happy to sign autographs, take selfies and generally chat with fans.

Sales Manager Darren Hunns commented, “Jimmy is a true gentleman and fully lives up to his well-earned status as the “People’s Champion”. He was great with his fans, many of whom had travelled across the country to see him. He was happy to sign all sorts of memorabilia that they’d brought along – one fan even took home the ribbon Jimmy cut to officially open the site. There were a lot of happy people here.”

Fans should also look out for future events at the Retford Road showroom, and competitions to win memorabilia of the snooker legend, so watch this space.