Introducing the all-new KONA Electric.

Featuring a more dynamic road presence, a futuristic new look, and a larger living space for all your adventures, this bold, upscaled SUV is still very much at home on city streets and country roads.

All-new KONA EV

All-new KONA is "Car of the Year"

All-New Hyundai KONA was named Car of the Year at Auto Express New Car Awards and it was also recognised as the best Small Company Car and best Small SUV. Judges praise “brilliant” KONA for its design, spaciousness and electrified options.

All-new KONA EV 2023

Available with a variety of powertrains.

The all-new KONA is available in three variants, including fully electric, hybrid electric and petrol engine, with a universal architecture for all and unique styling for each.​

KONA 2023
All-new KONA Hybrid 2023

All-new KONA

The all-new KONA’s futuristic design combines a clean, distinctive front end with aerodynamic flowing lines. It’s dynamic styling is accentuated with boldly sculpted wheel arch cladding that incorporates the headlamps and tailamps.

​All-new KONA Hybrid

The all-new KONA Hybrid shares its design with the all-new KONA, with a bold and rugged bumper and skid plate design, and black wheel arch cladding.

Pricing, Tech & Spec

If you’d like to have a detailed look at exactly what’s included on the all-new KONA Electric, you can download the Pricing, Tech & Spec brochure below.