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Triple win for IONIQ 6 at the 2023 World Car Awards

It’s a triple win for IONIQ 6 at the 2023 World Car Awards, sweeping: ‘World Car of the Year’, ‘World Electric Vehicle’ and ‘World Car Design of the Year’! IONIQ 6 has been recognized by a jury of 100 automotive journalists for its combination of strong emotional appeal with aerodynamic design and mindful space within. The win marks a consecutive triple win following IONIQ 5’s achievement in 2022.


Electrified streamliner

​Sleek and unmistakably unique, the IONIQ 6 is the silhouette of the era of electric mobility. Its streamliner design and mindful cocoon-like interior have been created to provide you with a personalised and flexible space that is redefining the in-car experience.


Discover the essence of streamlined simplicity

The clean, rounded lines and streamlined design of IONIQ 6 exude elegant simplicity. Aerodynamic and emotional, the sweeping curves and smooth lines pay homage to the iconic streamlined vehicles of the 1920’s and 30’s – reimagined for today’s sustainable mobility.

Space. Style. Sophistication

Discover a new level of personalised comfort. IONIQ 6’s cocoon-shaped interior provides you with a whole new in-car experience. Our new electric vehicle platform has enabled our designers to stretch the interior for optimised legroom and spaciousness. And the Dual Color Ambient Lighting harmonises with transparent materials for a relaxed and comfortable ride that you can change to suit your mood.


Game changing technology that optimises safety and convenience

Featuring breath-taking design and driving dynamics, as well as an 800V charging technology, this ground-breaking saloon delivers thrilling performance – built on a cutting-edge new platform that is nothing less than a technological milestone in this era of EV expansion.


    IONIQ 6 Premium
    IONIQ 6 Premium £47,040.00
    IONIQ 6 Ultimate
    IONIQ 6 Ultimate £50,540.00
    IONIQ 6
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