Why Go Electric? If you're thinking about making a change on your driveway for the first time in about 10 years, you now have more options than you would've had last time you were car shopping.

Hybrid or Electric?

Everything you need to know about hybrid, fully electric and fuel cell cars to help you make the best choice for your needs

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    The Hybrid Range

    HEV's or Hybrids are powered by both gasoline and electricity. An electric motor provides a boost to the petrol engine during acceleration and can even power the car completely in certain situations such as cruising at a constant speed. The battery doesn’t need to be charged from a mains supply; it is instead charged by regenerative braking when the vehicle decelerates.

    The Benefits of Buying Hybrid, Electric and Fuel Cell

    Electric cars are greener than internal combustion engine vehicles by a number of key measures, with the exception of the carbon intensity of the manufacturing process.

    As EVs become more mainstream, the costs are dropping rapidly and there are a wide variety of benefits for drivers making the switch. From the environmental impact to the savings you can make on fuel, tax and maintenance costs, electric vehicles could help you save significant amounts of money.On a cost per mile basis a fully electric car could cost you a quarter or less of what a traditional petrol or diesel car might.

    Key Benefits Include:

    Electric cars offer a range of financial, performance and environmental benefits when compared with internal combustion engine vehicles.

    • They are simple to drive - Hybrid cars feel no different to drive than a petrol-powered car. You simply start the engine and pull away. Automatic transmission makes the ride smooth and effortless, while the ‘engine’ is also ultra-quiet to help you relax at the wheel.
    • The battery lasts as long as the car. The battery has a big part to play in a hybrid vehicle, but they have been designed to last as long as the car itself. They are most often covered by the warranty if anything does go wrong.
    • You'll be pleasantly surprised by how much they cost. Hybrid cars can save a significant amount of money in fuel and vehicle tax, they often work out cheaper to own and run in the long term.
    • Inexpensive to service and maintain. If you take your hybrid to an approved service centre you can expect to pay a similar price as a petrol or diesel. You may even find that maintenance is cheaper, as less strain is placed on the engine, so parts don’t need to be replaced as often. Regular Hybrid Health Checks will also help to maintain optimum performance.

    Hybrid, electric and fuel cell FAQs

    How reliable are hybrid vehicles?


    Hybrid vehicles are also covered by Hyundai's comprehensive 5 year unlimited mileage warranty. Click here for full details of the 5 year warranty, as well as Hyundai's high voltage battery warranty.

    What does self-charging hybrid mean?


    A self-charging hybrid works in exactly the same way as a conventional car with no cables to plug in. The technology uses a normal petrol engine, an electric motor and a high voltage battery. The electric motor works with the petrol engine to enhance performance whilst reducing co2 emissions and improving fuel consumption. The battery is recharged by a combination of the engine and through recovering energy which would otherwise be lost (such as when slowing down) or by regenerative braking. The IONIQ Hybrid and Kona Hybrid – can be classed as self-charging hybrids.

    How far can Hyundai hybrid cars travel on battery power alone?


    Whilst the hybrid is able to run on electric power for short time periods as it is designed primarily to assist the combustion engine, it’s only the Plug-in Hybrid that can sustain a longer distance in electric mode only. Thanks to the larger capacity battery the IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid can travel up to 39 miles from a full charge.

    What is the maximum speed a Hyundai hybrid car can reach before the petrol engine starts?


    The speed of acceleration, number of passengers, load on the battery, and remaining battery charge could influence when the petrol engine starts. Hybrid vehicles will utilise the battery whenever it is most efficient to do so thanks to ECO-DAS technology, and there isn’t a set speed in which the petrol engine will become the main power supply. With the IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid it is possible to run solely on full electric mode for up to 39 miles due to the larger capacity battery.

    Where are the charging point locations to charge a Hyundai electric car?


    In the UK there are now more public charging point locations than there are petrol stations. The infrastructure is constantly expanding, and is updated via the satellite navigation system within each Hyundai. To access the latest locations online, and their operational status we’d recommend looking at Zap Map.

    What factors could affect the range of an electric vehicle?


    Similar to a combustion engine car which can have fuel economy affected by different factors, an electric car is the same. Outside temperature, number of passengers or luggage in the car, driving style, and load on the battery from aspects such as heated seats, or air conditioning can alter the driving range that can be achieved.

    How does the maintenance of an electric vehicle differ from that of a combustion engine vehicle?


    The servicing schedule doesn’t include aspects such as oil changes because there are less moving parts than a combustion engine, and due to regenerative braking there is often less wear imposed on the brake pads and discs.

    Why is it more cost effective to run an electric car?


    An electric car is cheap to recharge in comparison to filling the fuel tank dependent on the type of journeys you do, especially if you can benefit from cheaper overnight electricity tariffs. Low BIK rates for business users also make electric cars a cost effective option.

    Where can I get my hybrid or electric car serviced?


    All Read Hyundai Aftersales departments are trained to work on hybrid and electric technology. Click here to book your service.

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