Hyundai Blue Drive technology explained

Hyundai cars use a collection of innovative technologies called Blue Drive to help improve fuel consumption and reduce exhaust emissions.

With Blue Drive models throughout the range offering leading eco-performance, Hyundai’s new thinking means real, practical ways to substantially reduce emissions are available now.

ISG (Intelligent Stop & Go)

ISG switches of the engine when the vehicle comes to a complete stand still then switches it back on when the clutch is pressed. This reduces emissions and could provide a fuel saving of up to 15%.

Alternator Management System (AMS)

This fuel saving technology only charges the battery during deceleration or when the engine has power to spare. This means the battery stops charging at high lo

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

The DPF filter catches bits of soot in the exhaust, the collected soot then goes through the regeneration process where it is burnt off at a high temperature leaving only a tiny ash residue so exhaust smoke is virtually eliminated and starts charging again at low load.

Electric power steering

Replacing traditional systems that rely on a hydraulic piston, pumps, hoses and oil, Electric Power Steering replaces these with an electric motor which draws electricity from the battery only when turning, therefore consuming less engine power and saving fuel.

Low rolling resistance tyres

Most of the energy generated by the engine that makes it to the tyres is lost, retaining that energy is important because it’s created from the fuel tank. Low rolling resistance tyres reduce friction and flex, so less effort means less energy used. These tyres help reduce your fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, without compromising on grip or safety.

Eco drive indicator

This innovative system shows you the best time to change gear, to maximise fuel efficiency.

It could cut fuel bills by 7-9%.