NU16 Plate Change Coming Soon!

How does the number plate system work?

Annual number plate changes are standard practice in the UK with the current system being in place since 2001. With new registration plates being released in March and September each year.

Understanding how a number plate is made up is a useful bit of knowledge to have. It is much easier to calculate a car's age with the latest system which is important if you are thinking about buying a new car.

The new system works like this; registrations follow the format of a two-letter prefix this is the area code where the car was originally registered. The two numbers are an age identifier, which tells you which 6-month period the car was first registered. The last three letters are selected at random. The year identifier works in this way: in March the number will simply echo the last two digits of the year and in September 50 is added to this number - so this will become 65.

Why buy a new car?

There are many reasons to buy a car from new. Your new vehicle will have no previous owners, therefore, there's little chance the vehicle has been misused or missed important services.

A new car is less likely to break down and cost you in expensive repair bills. If something does go wrong, any repairs are likely to be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty – with some, like Hyundai’s, as high as five years.

When choosing your new car you’re able to tailor the vehicle’s specification to your exact needs which includes the latest technology, gadgets, fuel efficiency and safety features.

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