Are you ready for Adverse Weather Conditions?

As the colder months approach, it won't be long before snow and ice warnings will be issued.

Taking a few moments to prepare can have a big difference on your journey especially if weather conditions deteriorate. So, we thought we’d just take a few moments to advise you of the key things to check on your vehicle to ensure you are prepared.

Plan your route before departure
Take a moment to plan your route, choose roads that offer you the safest routes to your chosen location. Sticking to main roads rather than country lanes should mean the roads you are on are more likely to be prepared roads for the weather conditions. It is impossible for local authorities to prepare all roads but main roads are normally done.

Pack for your trip
Prepare yourself. If you happened to get stuck or breakdown and stranded in your vehicle or at the roadside, you don’t want to be cold – so make sure you take extra clothing layers, wellies, food and drink and even a spade/shovel to dig yourself out!

Fuel up
Each year we hear of drivers stuck overnight somewhere due to adverse conditions! If this happened to you, would you have enough fuel or charge? Our advice is keep it topped up.

Vehicle cleanliness
We don’t mean a full wash and wax, cleaning windows and lights regularly will help you to see clearly and be seen clearly in adverse conditions. It’s not worth driving two minutes while the screen defrosts – take your time, wait and ensure you can drive safely.

Vehicle checks
It’s the little things in harsh weather conditions that can make a big difference to your journey. Regular battery checks, tyre checks and fluid checks can are something you should be doing regularly. If you need our help we are always on hand to assist with vehicle checks, just ask our team. A list of our sites can be found here.