Read Hyundai Lincoln Go The Extra Mile

Read Hyundai Lincoln like to go the extra mile for their customers, or in this case an extra 464 miles across land and sea!

Jack Thompson's customer was unable to make the lengthy trip from their home to the dealership and Jack was determined they wouldn't have to wait long to take delivery of their new i30, so he took on the sixteen hour round trip from the Lincoln dealership to the Isle of Man and personally delivered his customer their car.

Jack said: "Mr and Mrs Ireton were going to find the long journey from their home to Lincoln difficult but they also needed the car as soon as possible, so I stepped in and offered to drive it to them, as long as they didn't mind the car clocking up a few extra miles!"

Jack's road trip started at 7:24 pm when he drove four hours to Heysham to catch the ferry. Once the i30 was safely on-board, Jack settled down for the four hour crossing.

Eight hours or so later after arriving on the Isle of Man, the car was safely delivered to its new owners. Even after hours of travelling, Jack still carried out a demo drive to make sure his customer knew how everything worked - luckily for him the island is only 33 x 13 miles so he didn't have far to go!

After handing over the keys, it was back to the ferry port for the eight hour trip back to Lincoln and a well deserved day off.