Summer Car Maintenance Checklist

The roads and weather conditions in the summer can impact on vehicle performance, as well as wear and tear.

While some breakdowns aren’t preventable, by taking time to inspect your vehicle regularly in extreme weather, especially before a long journey, some could be.

Check yourself

  • Tyres, including the spare, are at the correct pressure and legal tread depth – minimum for cars is 1.6mm
  • Wiper blades for wear or splitting
  • Exterior and interior lights
  • Windscreen washer fluid level and washer jet adjustment
  • Oil and coolant levels - follow the instructions in the owners handbook
  • Electric cooling fan – run the engine up to temperature and listen for the fan switching on
  • Jack and wheel brace are in good working order

Have a garage check

  • Fan belt
  • Cooling system

If you plan to travel with a caravan don’t forget to check the tyre conditions and the braking system.

Prepare properly for long distances by planning your route and make sure you have all the essentials including refreshments, additional oil, water and windscreen wash, and an up-to-date road map or satellite navigation system.