Hyundai Officially Reveal The New Ioniq Hybrid EV

Hyundai has officially revealed sketches of the new Ioniq hybrid EV (the name being a combination of the word's "ion", an electrically-charged atom, and "unique").

The new car is set to be the world's first production car with fully electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrain options in the range. Hyundai claims it has been primarily designed to offer class-leading aerodynamic performance and that eco-friendly materials have been used throughout.

With a saloon shape, it shows evidence of being an environmentally-focused family car. Lithium-ion batteries housed in a specially developed platform will be used to save fuel in the hybrid models' 1.6 litre petrol engine and to provide all the power to the electric motors that drive the wheels in the fully-electric version.

Hyundai expect to reveal the Ioniq at a special event in South Korea before it makes its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

The Ioniq is likely to go on sale in September 2016 with the electric and hybrid models, the plug-in hybrid is expected to follow at a later date.