Automotive Apprenticeships Valued Across Sectors

A recent survey of 2,000 UK employees has revealed automotive apprenticeships are among the most valued across all sectors. It also found 46.9% of industry professionals have completed an apprenticeship themselves, the national average is 21.8%.

Of those asked, 93.3% believe the training helped to establish their career, with 86.7% of those still working in the industry. This makes automotive apprenticeships one of the most valued across all sectors. The survey also revealed that apprenticeships have the potential to fill the sector's skills gap and be beneficial to both workers and employees.

Most of the people who completed an apprenticeship said government information made them aware of the scheme, the rest found opportunities through family recommendations or individual research.

Here at Read's we're proud to support the apprenticeship scheme and currently have three apprentice technicians working within our team and many of our staff members have come through the apprenticeship route.

The apprenticeship scheme enables young people to gain the skills required for a chosen career, gain nationally recognised qualifications and earn a wage.

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