Air Con Service

Whether you're heading off on holiday or heading into town, you need complete comfort and control. In your car, the best source of comfort comes from your air conditioning. When it's performing at 100% efficiency, you can be sure of maximum comfort for you, and your passengers, in all kinds of driving.

When your air conditioning system isn't used regularly, bacteria and mould may develop from a combination of condensation and heat from the engine. A Suzuki air conditioning service is a thorough check of your air conditioning system by a Suzuki trained technician who knows your car inside and out. An air conditioning service includes the following, meaning you can drive away in comfort and get on with making the most of your Summer:

  • Check for leaks and damages to pipework
  • Re-gas of the air-conditioning system
  • Air circulation check
  • Air conditioning filter change
  • Check all controls

When to replace the filter:

The filter is composed of fibres. When used of a long period of time, these can become clogged with dust and pollen, resulting in poor ventilation and inefficient air conditioning when you need it most.

Keep air in your car cool and comfortable.

Contact us today or book online and get your Suzuki in shape for Summer from just £19.99.

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