Suzuki Motability Adaptations

There are many adaptations available for your new car designed to make driving as comfortable as possible.

It's important you consider any adaptations you may need before you choose your car. At Read's we use local installers who are happy to advise you, just speak to your Motability specialist at one of our dealerships and they will take care of the rest.

There are three adaptation categories; Driving, Stowage or Access, here are just a few examples.


The short clips below demonstrate controls that allow you to accelerate and brake with your hand, whilst the left foot accelerator lets you use your left foot for speed control, and the electronic accelerator requires less effort than foot controls. These are just a small example of adaptations available on the scheme, please ask your Read's specialist for a comprehensive list.


These clips demonstrate the car boot hoist and rooftop stowage unit that is available to assist with lifting, and transporting your wheelchair or scooter out of your vehicle. Please ask your Read's specialist for details of more stowage systems.


These can be installed to help you access your vehicle more comfortably. The clips demonstrate the transfer plate to help you in and out your car if using a wheelchair, the hoist physically lifts a person into the car seat, and the swivel seat can lower or tip. Please speak to your Read's specialist for more options.