Meet The New Suzuki Swift

If you believe that driving should be more than getting from A to B, then the dynamic Swift is the car for you.

All-New Suzuki Swift Exterior Burning Red Speedy Blue

More Agile, More Fun

Looking for the ride of your life? The dynamic Suzuki Swift has got you covered.

As soon as you get behind the wheel, you know you’re about to have fun. It’s in the Swift’s nature – it was engineered to excite. It all starts with its compact frame and lightweight body design which makes the Swift incredibly agile, giving you more control. It continues to rev up excitement with its responsive handling, exciting engine performance and excellent straightway stability. Or, as we like to call it, lots of fun. If you’re looking for an exciting drive, you’ve found it.

All-New Suzuki Swift Exterior Dual Tone Flame Orange Pearl Metallic/Super Black
All-New Suzuki Swift Interior
All-New Suzuki Swift Exterior Dual Tone Flame Orange Pearl Metallic/Super Black

Ready for Hybrid?

Take your drive to a whole new level with efficient Hybrid technology​.

Advanced Equipment

The New Swift comes packed with advanced equipment, to keep you safe and connected.

Dynamic Styling - Inside and Out

The New Swift keeps dynamic styling at it's core with enhanced design features encased within a striking compact body.

All-New Suzuki Swift Exterior Burning Red Pearl Metallic

See and Be Seen

Expertly designed to be fun and stylish, the Swift is sure to make you smile. From turning city corners to turning heads - the Swift’s dynamic handling and styling makes it stand out from the crowd. Sleek curves and angles accentuate its styling, along with the short, low and wide proportions, giving the Swift a distinctive presence on the road. And thanks to the hidden rear door handles and black window pillars, this five door hatchback looks more like a sleek three-door coupe. Pretty fly, if you ask us.

The Swift continues to impress with its stylish and efficient LED headlights and striking 16" alloys that are sure to make you shine.

Want to add a personal touch? No problem. The Swift is available with three new exterior dual-tone colours and a wide range of personalisation options.

All-New Suzuki Swift Interior

Fun At Your Fingertips

Get ready for advanced equipment and lots of high-quality features that make your drive more exciting. You're welcome.

Suzuki put the driver first, and the Swift is no exception to that rule. It's packed with lots of advanced tech and key features to help you get the most out of your journey.

All-New Suzuki Swift 7" Touchscreen Display
All-New Suzuki Swift Smart Meter Cluster
All-New Suzuki Swift LED Headlights
All-New Suzuki Swift 16" Alloy Wheels

7" touchscreen display

A 7-inch touchscreen display enables intuitive operation of multimedia features including audio, hands-free phone, navigation system and smartphone integration. Features can be selected from the four main operating modes—Listen, Call, Drive and Connect. The Smartphone Linkage Display Audio works with Apple CarPlay, Android AutoTM and MirrorLinkTM.

Stylish meter cluster

The satin chrome adorns the two main, minutely scaled gauges, featuring red and white highlights. Underlining the easy-to-see, sporty design, within the main gauges are displayed water temperature and fuel level, giving the overall design the air of chronograph watches.

LED Headlights

The Swift continues to impress with its stylish and efficient LED headlights.

16" Alloy Wheels

The Suzuki Swift demands attention with 16" crafted polished alloys.

All-New Suzuki Swift Interior

Driving performance uplifts your emotions

Quick and expansive acceleration. Cornering performance that lets you keep to your intended course. The Swift has been reborn with attention paid to every detail of its powertrain and platform for the further evolution of driving that lets the driver feel at one with the car and be in full control. Especially because the powertrain and platform are irreplaceable parts of the driving experience, advanced technologies have been adopted without reserve, even in places beyond the view of the driver.

All-New Suzuki Swift Mild Hybrid System

SHVS Mild Hybrid System

The SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) system assists the engine for higher fuel efficiency. It converts kinetic energy generated during deceleration into electric energy that is used by an electric motor function to assist the engine. The compact and lightweight SHVS system consists of a large-capacity 10Ah lithium-ion battery with excellent charging and power-supply performance and an integrated starter generator (ISG) with motor function.

All-New Suzuki Swift Exterior Dual-tone Burning Red Metallic/Super Black

Safety uplifts your confidence

Genuine peace of mind is essential for enjoying driving to the fullest. You're in safe hands when you drive a Swift. It's packed with safety and driver assistance features as standard, including systems to help avoid or reduce damage from collisions, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring and a camera which scans the road ahead for traffic signs.

Lane departure warning

At 60km/h or faster, the lane departure warning function is designed to predict the path of the vehicle and issue visual (display and indicator) and tactile (vibrating steering wheel) warnings to the driver (standard on vehicles with a monocular camera and laser sensor).

Weaving alert

At 60km/h or faster, the weaving alert is designed to calculate the driving pattern and issue audio and visual warnings if the vehicle is "wandering" due to driver drowsiness, etc. (standard on vehicles with a monocular camera and laser sensor).

Adaptive cruise control

When there is a vehicle in front, the adaptive cruise control system uses millimetre-wave radar designed to gauge the distance to it and automatically maintains vehicle-to-vehicle distance in line with the setting selected out of three possible settings*. When there is no vehicle in front, the system maintains the speed (from 40km/h to 160km/h) set by the driver.

High beam assist

At 40km/h or faster, high beam assist is designed to automatically switch the headlights between “High” and “Low”, depending on the presence of other vehicles and the lighting environment (standard on vehicles with a monocular camera and laser sensor).

All-New Suzuki Swift Interior
All-New Suzuki Swift Interior