Suzuki Ignis - The small car with a big personality

Introducing the compact city car with all the best bits of a bigger one. If you want to do big things, then the Ignis is ready for the adventure.The Ignis has classic sleek and bold Suzuki looks, with a unique, one-of-a-kind design. Mixing size and style to brilliant effect, it's a style statement like no other.

Suzuki Ignis Exterior
Suzuki Ignis Exterior

Iconic Design

Eye catching, head turning, bold - when you drive the Ignis, prepare to get noticed. From every angle it radiates a unique personality and presence, from the exterior detailing to the funky colour options. So don't just drive, drive in style.
Suzuki Ignis Interior

Distinctive Interior

With a sleek, premium look and flashes of funky colour, the interior of the Ignis really enhances its urban style.

Suzuki Ignis Gunmetal Grey Colour Accent
Gunmetal Grey Colour Accent
Suzuki Ignis Blue Colour Accent
Blue Colour Accent
Suzuki Ignis Meter Cluster
Meter Cluster
Suzuki Ignis Smartphone Linkage Display Audio
Smartphone Linkage Display Audio
Suzuki Ignis Luggage Space

Compact, yet spacious

Don't be fooled by its ultra compact size - the Ignis has plenty of flexible luggage space, making it perfect for a weekend away.

Luggage space with adjustable capacity to fit your luggage

The Ignis boasts luggage space volume measuring 514L* when the sliding rear seats are folded down. The 50:50 split rear seats can be folded down from the luggage side as well; folding down the seat backs makes it possible to arrange the space for various kinds of luggage.
Suzuki Ignis Rear Seats Raised
Rear Seats Raised
Suzuki Ignis Rear Seats Split Folded
Rear Seats Split Folded
Suzuki Ignis Both Seats Folded
Both Seats Folded
Suzuki Ignis Exterior

Outstanding Driving Performance

With its responsive DUALJET engine and fuel efficient SHVS mild hybrid system, the Ignis puts the excitement back into driving. The ALLGRIP is there for you to give you confidence on slippery roads.

1.2 DUALJET engine offers both powerful response and high fuel efficiency. This high-level balance is made possible by a number of advances including an electric intake VVT (variable valve timing), a variable displacement oil pump and electric piston cooling jets (PCJ).

Suzuki Ignis SHVS Mild Hybrid System

SHVS Mild Hybrid System

The SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) system assists the engine for higher fuel efficiency. It converts kinetic energy generated during deceleration into electric energy that is used by an electric motor function to assist the engine. The compact and lightweight SHVS system consists of a large-capacity 10Ah lithium-ion battery with excellent charging and power-supply performance and an integrated starter generator (ISG) with motor function.

Suzuki Ignis Allgrip Auto
Suzuki Ignis Allgrip Auto
Suzuki Ignis Allgrip Auto

Allgrip Auto

Allgrip Auto gives the driver peace of mind in everyday driving, especially when driving on slippery roads or snowy surfaces. With the viscous coupling four-wheel drive system, torque is automatically distributed to the rear wheels when it detects the front wheel losing its grip of the road. The brake is applied to the slipping wheel whilst drive power is focused to the opposite wheel, traction control limits the loss of engine torque to improve escape performance.
Suzuki Ignis Exterior

Dual Camera Brake Support (DCBS)

Two cameras recognise forward vehicles, pedestrians, and lane lines just like human eyes. Based on various information captured by these cameras, this system helps avoid collisions and mitigate collision damage through warnings and automatic braking.

Suzuki Ignis Dual Camera Support