Read Suzuki Apprentice On The Right Road To Success

Read Suzuki employed Henry Christy back in August as Apprentice Automobile Technician. Henry joined the Grimsby team after completing his GCSE's at Healing Academy and will train with Suzuki over the next three years when he will then become a fully qualified technician.

Henry works alongside trained technicians at Read Suzuki learning hands on skills and he attends Suzuki Cars UK training centre for theory based learning one week a month. Before joining Suzuki, he had some knowledge of cars from helping at a local garage at weekends.

Since joining Read Suzuki, Henry has gained experience working on a variety of cars, he said: "The Apprenticeship program is fun, we never know what jobs are going to come in so work varies from changing brake pads to carrying out a service."

After just three months, Henry can carry out a full service on his own, replace a starter motor and alternator, and work on clutches and gearboxes.

He said: "I really enjoy the practical training, the technician's always help me and I find it easy to pick up new skills from them."

As well as gaining practical skills, college is going really well and Henry has successfully passed his first exam and set of assessments.

Tony Robinson, Suzuki Aftersales Manager, said: "Henry is doing extremely well both on the practical and theory and has quickly become a valued member of the team. He has the right attitude for Suzuki and he'll do well for himself."

Henry saw this position advertised on the National Apprenticeship website and applied through Suzuki Cars UK. For more information about apprenticeships visit