Jeep Roadside Assistance

This lets you travel safe in the knowledge that if there is a problem, there is complete assistance service suited to your needs.

Our solution guarantees maximum peace of mind while driving, helping you and your car in case something goes wrong.

Do you have a punture? Is your car battery flat and your car immobilised? One of Jeep's technicians will always be available to collect you from wherever you may be. If the problem with your vehicle requires a visit to the workshop, they'll take care of towing your vehicle to your nearest local authorised retailer.

If Jeep need to keep your car in their workshop for repairs, they’ll provide you with a courtesy car while we fix yours subject to certain conditions. If the problem happens to you while you’re traveling, they’ll take care of the expenses of continuing your journey, from taxis to get you to the station to car rental so you can carry on travelling*.