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Optimise the performance, safety and efficiency of your SEAT ensuring your comfort and safety.

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Motoring simplicity for cars aged 3-6 years old

All-in^ by SEAT

Give your car the best possible care and save on average £693.70† over 2 years.

All-in is an aftercare plan designed to keep you driving care-free. The plan includes 2 services, 2 MOTs, 2 years' Roadside Assistance and up to 2 years' Warranty. So you can just relax and enjoy the ride. Life is better when you go All-in.

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SEAT Service Plans

SEAT service plans are comprehensive and convenient packages designed to ensure that your SEAT vehicle receives the best care from our trained Read SEAT technicians. 

A service plan can help you budget effectively and you have a clear understanding of your maintenance costs over time.


More cover for more years

If you’ve had your SEAT for a few years, we know the journey’s just getting started. That’s why All-in^ from SEAT is available.

All-in has been designed for vehicles that:

  • Are between 3 and 6 years old at point of activation
  • Are a SEAT with an engine size of 2.0L or less
  • Have done under 100,000 miles at point of activation
  • Don’t have a warranty or service plan already in place

The following vehicles are not eligible for cover:

  • Battery electric vehicles (BEV)
  • Vehicles powered by fuel cell or liquid petroleum gas (LPG)
  • Public hire/private hire vehicles
  • Vehicles that have a service plan already in place

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Cars under 12 months old

If your SEAT is under 12 months old we have a service plan tailored to providing the correct services whilst your car is under 3 years old.

You can easily plan your car’s service requirements and pay for the Service Plan in full or spread the cost monthly. It’s worry-free and ensures that you’re taking the best care possible of your car, today and tomorrow.

Only 24 monthly payments of £20 or £480 upfront.

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Cars over 12 months old

For SEATs over 12 months old we have a range of plans which offer the additional maintenance required.

Effortlessly schedule your car's service needs, with the choice to pay for the Service Plan upfront or in convenient monthly instalments. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing you're providing optimal care for your vehicle both today and in the future.

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SEAT Maintenance

While your car requires minimal maintenance, it's crucial to follow recommended intervals for specific tasks, alongside routine servicing. Regular servicing and maintenance are key to keeping your SEAT in the best possible condition. We offer competitive, transparent prices on service and maintenance work that offer great value for money.

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The SEAT service includes:

Easy free drop off and collection: We can help drop or collect you from a place such as your workplace when your SEAT is with us.

Loan car or courtesy car‡: We keep you moving whilst your SEAT is being maintained.

SEAT recommended video service report: You see what we see with our SEAT video servicing tool. We’ll send you a short video via e-mail or text with our recommendations.

Wash and vacuum with every service: Pick up your SEAT after it's had an exterior and interior clean from our team.

SEAT Genuine Parts: Receive a two-year warranty on all SEAT Genuine Parts fitted³.

Compare SEAT Service options*

Oil and inspection service (from £195 - every 12 months/10,000) Oil and inspection service with supplementary scope (from £255 - every 24 months/20,000 miles)
Car serviced to SEAT UK's recommendations
Premium synthetic oil change
Change oil filter
Comprehensive vehicle inspection and report
Check and top-up screen wash
Check for outstanding vehicle safety, software and product enhancements from SEAT's database (implement with customer's approval)
Vehicle fault memory check and report
Check suspension system
Check and adjust tension of drive belts (where required)
Full inspection of braking system
Check heating air conditioning operation
Reset service interval display
Vehicle road test
SEAT proof of service