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A VolkswagenService Plan covers you for your next two services and helps you avoid surprises. We have different plans for cars under 1-year-old, over 1-year-old, and electric cars. And now you can also take advantage of All-in from Volkswagen, our new plan for cars aged between three and six years old, which gives you 2 years’ Roadside Assistance, 2 years’ Warranty, 2 MOTs and 2 services, all for just £33.45 a month.

Cars Under 1 Year Old

For cars under 1 year old that haven’t yet had their first service.

A VolkswagenService Plan covers the first two consecutive services (1 x oil service and 1 x oil and inspection service) with an option to pay upfront or spread over 24 monthly payments.

If your car is under 1 year old and you want to have all your general maintenance work and tyre cover included as well, consider a Fixed Cost Maintenance plan.

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Cars Over 1 Year Old

For cars that are over 1 year old or have received their first service.

This VolkswagenService Plan provides you the next two manufactured scheduled services your car will need (1 x minor service and 1 x major service) for a fixed price. We can tailor your payment plan to fit around you so you can choose between one upfront payment or monthly payment option (paid across 24 monthly instalments).

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Cars 3 to 6 Years Old

All-in from Volkswagen gives you extra peace of mind and could save you on average £833 over two years. For just £33.45 a month you get 2 years’ Roadside Assistance, 2 years’ Warranty, 2 MOTs and 2 services.

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Electric Vehicle Service Plans

The VolkswagenElectricService Plan is tailored to your pure electric e‑Golf or e‑up!

Your electric car service will include the following checks in addition to the usual service items legal requirements:

  • Charging cable: we check that cable is present and visually check its condition
  • High-voltage battery: we check the charge level and recharge if necessary
  • High-voltage components and high-voltage cables: we inspect these for damage and correct routing and securing of lines

Oil changes a thing of the past​

Unlike petrol and diesel vehicles, electric vehicles don’t need an oil change - because there’s no oil to change! This can also save you money.

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GTE Service

A special car needs a special service. A GTE service is slightly different to a service for a traditional vehicle because there’s now more than one drive system — the traditional engine and the electric motor. More checks are carried out than usual as we have to ensure that both the engine and the electric motor are in top shape. Technicians must be trained to inspect all hybrid components, and special tools and technology must be used to inspect for damage to the high-voltage components and high voltage cables.

We will then replace the filters and lubricants and will always road test your car before handing it back to you. You’ll then receive a record of the service in your servicebook, or an update in your digital servicebook.

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