Volkswagen Summer Check & KleenAir Anti-Bacterial Treatment

Your vehicle may have had minimal use over the last few months and so we're offering a Summer Check and KleenAir Anti-Bacterial treatment to give you complete peace of mind when you're back on the road for £34.99.

Did you know that the average car has 30,000 times more mould and bacteria than the average toilet seat? These germs can cause illness and allergies most people would not have linked to their car’s air conditioning system. Bacteria is commonly found on high contact areas such as the steering wheel, gear knob, handbrakes, handles and switches. Cars carrying children or pets breed the most ill threatening germs. Sick car syndrome is a very real cause of illness.

Your Summer Check includes:

  • Vehicle Health Check - a visual inspection of key areas of your vehicle to reassure you and help spot potential issues early

Your KleenAir Anti-Bacterial Treatment includes:

  • Anti-bacterial, deep cleaning, fumigation treatment that effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs residing in your vehicle and works to provide long-term protection
  • The treatment also deodorises the interior of the vehicle
  • Helps individuals with existing respiratory problems
  • Safe, non-toxic and environmentally safe

Our friendly team of Aftersales Advisors and Technicians look forward to welcoming you to our Volkswagen Approved Repair Centre in Boston.

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*There is no evidence to suggest this product will protect against COVID-19