Alfa Romeo Giulia A timeless beauty at the service of your emotions

Passion at the centre of everything

Looking for a car that makes a bold statement and has little trouble standing out from the crowd? The new Alfa Romeo Giulia pulls no punches when it comes to living life to the max. Described as a timeless beauty at the service of your emotions, the Giulia not only looks the part with its distinctive Italian design in pure Alfa Romeo style but also has the perfect balance for uncompromising driving dynamics. Discover more about this exceptional car by paying a visit to Read Alfa Romeo at The Parker Centre in Derby. We've been supporting motorists from across The West Midlands and beyond for more than 25 years.


Alfa Romeo Giluia

Driving pleasure with stunning dynamics

​The unparalleled driving experience provided by the Alfa Romeo Giulia comes from its agility, lightness and responsiveness. 


Distinctive in every detail

Italian design in pure Alfa Romeo style


Beauty driven by technology

The Alfa Romeo Giulia brings together design, power, and innovation. Patented technology and lightweight materials deliver unique driving excitement. The Q2 system and the IBS brake-by-wire system offers a responsive driving experience.


Innovative technology for more control

Thanks to cameras and radar sensors, the optional level 2 Autonomous driving allows you to have more command behind the wheel. 

    Giulia Sprint
    Sprint From £40,595
    Giulia Sprint
    Veloce From £45,595
    Giulia Veloce
    Tributo Italiano From £49,195
    Giulia Veloce
    Quadrifoglio From £79,495
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